Remember chromosomes? They are the shapes that the genetic material inside the nucleus of the cell takes when the cell is getting ready to undergo mitosis and meiosis.  Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes (for a total of 46 chromosomes.)

Netted Adders Tongue

Netted Adder's Tongue

The species with the most chromosomes is “Ophioglossum reticulatum” a fern commonly known as “netted adder’s-tongue.”  The netted adder’s-tongue has 630 pairs of chromosomes(for a total of 1260.)

Australian Jack Jumper Ant

Australian Jack Jumper Ant

The species with the fewest chromosomes is the Australian jack-jumper ant.  The female Australian jack-jumper ant has only one pair of chromosomes and the male has only one chromosome on which to pass all their genes down to the next generation.